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Lucid dreams app – Ludreamity

Extend the life in years and impressions.

Ludreamity daily activates lucid dreams, helps to maintain healthy habits (without stress), improves creativity and energy.
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Live Longer

One essential habit significantly increases your lifespan and decreases cancer probability and other diseases.  

Be Smarter

From task till dawn, you will be more intelligent, have more energy.

Just Do It

Ludreamity helps maintain this habit “organically,” without stress, pushes. Just watch analytics every. The app reminds you to do that.

Start to Lucid Dream

Efficient and straightforward ancient method, no needs to buy additional devices, Apple Watch do the thing.

(soon) Record Dreams

Immediately after waking up, dictate your dreams to watch, and the app recognizes the text and adds it to your dream diary.

(soon) Dream together

Meet with friends in dreams, explore new worlds, fully unlock your creativity, live one (two, three, …) more lives.