The app has two goals and features that helps to move in this direction.

First – healthier, longer life

We reach this with organically improving life style. Organically means – no pushing, stress, or goals.

Just wear the AppleWatch every night and when reminder ask you, consciously look to the sleep statistics.

Keep in mind that better to sleep about 8 hours a day, average heart rate should decreasing year by year and better to burn more calories in a previous day.

Do small steps, do not push yourself, you know the direction, move step by step.

Second – more impressions with lucid dreams

Activate lucid dreams, live second colourful life during nights. Destroy bad habits, maintain positive one while you sleep.

For this feature use reminders and set two alarms on your apple watch two times a day.

  1. First alarm you can set for any time when you not sleep. For example for 5 pm. When it works, look to the Apple Watch, ask yourself are you asleep?
  2. Second alarm you should set approximately 2 hours before you wake up.

You should set this alarms every time again. This activates you intention and consiosness.

That’s it. Within few week, during sleep, you will realise that you asleep and will have full freedom to do what you like to do.